Part 9

Keeping Your Passwords Secure


Today we have so many passwords and logins and to keep track of, and keeping them in order can be challenging without the right tools.

Lost passwords can be an inconvenience for people, but can be recovered fairly easily in most cases. Much worse than the inconvenience of not being able to find passwords however, is passwords that are not secure. Those pose the biggest threat and it's far too common. Because people have so many passwords to keep track of, they rely on easy to remember passwords that they use on many different sites. This puts them in danger of having their sites and accounts hacked or compromised.

Having important information about your business organized and secure is critical. There is nothing worse  than spending an hours looking for a password or software license that you need.

Managing Your Passwords & Business Information

1Password is a simple, easy and automatic solution to keeping track of all of those things. I started using 1Password years ago and it has saved me so much time. No more digging through old emails to find a site login or a license number for software and apps.

It stores all of your login credentials like usernames and passwords, software license codes, credit card and bank account numbers. When your purchasing online it's nice to have your credit card information, name and address auto-filled with one click. You can set up multiple identities for registering on different sites. You can use the secure notes feature to store sensitive business information like a Sales Tax ID or Fed & Employer Tax ID.

There is also a built-in password generator which is a great tool for generating random very secure passwords.

1Password can be installed on your desktop, all your browsers, iPhone or iPad. When you visit a site, no matter what device you are on it’s a fast one click “go and fill” feature.

Whenever you register at a site, or enter a password, it will give you the option of saving it as a new login or you can update an existing one.

Once of the best features is the synchronization between all your devices using Dropbox or iCloud. All your logins are stored to a 1Password master file where all of your devices can access it. That means that if you are on one computer and change a login or password, it will be updated for all computers and devices.

There is an app for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Android. There is another for Mac and Windows desktops. You can also sync between Windows and Mac.

Recently, 1Password for Teams was introduced, which makes it easy to share and control access with a team, employees or contractors. Controlling passwords for a team or company can be tricky to organize, and this makes it easier to control access when people leave the team, you can setup different vaults to give people access to only the passwords they need.

Unsecured Passwords Put your Website and Business at Risk

Unsecured passwords pose the biggest threat.

Sucuri, a malware and security monitoring company recommends the following when creating passwords:

  • Use both Upper and lower case
  • Include special characters
  • Include numbers
  • Password should be longer than 10 characters
  • Don't reuse passwords
  • Use a password manager

There are other password apps like Dashlane that are similar to 1Password. Using one will save you so much time and keep your accounts and information secure. Once you have it setup, go and change the passwords on accounts that don't match the criteria listed above. You'll be glad you did.

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