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Getting a Custom Email Address for Your Business


Having a branded email address with your domain is a must. For example,

It's more professional, it gives your business credibility and it's good for your brand.  Using a free service like Hotmail or Yahoo sends the message that you don't take your business seriously, and it makes it hard for customers to recognize and remember.

To get a custom email address you’ll need to choose a paid hosted email service.

Apple iCloud, Hotmail and Google Mail are free hosted email services for personal email addresses like or

However those types of free services aren’t ideal for business use because they don’t allow for you to create a branded email address and they don’t look as professional.

As a businesses, you can’t afford to rely on free services for your email. A paid email hosting service has more storage space, is more reliable, secure, customizable and comes with support.

Paid email services are very inexpensive so there really isn't an excuse not to use a custom email address.

The Best Services for Custom Email Addresses

We use Google Apps for all of our business email, however the services below are good options as well.

Google Apps
Rackspace Email
Zoho Email

Many shared web hosts offer email hosting as part of their hosting plans, and while it’s less expensive it’s not a good choice. Managed WordPress Hosts do not offer email services for the reasons listed below.

It’s always best to keep your email and your web hosting separate.

Here’s why:

Hosting websites is different than hosting for email. Both have different requirements. Like anything else, hosted email requires enough resources and the right configuration, which many hosts lack.

If your web hosting goes down, so does your email.
On shared hosting your email reliability is dependent on your web server resources. If the server is slow or unresponsive, your email will be affected.

Your email IP can get blacklisted
Especially when you are using a shared server for email. If another account gets hacked and is sending out spam, your email IP can get blacklisted. Which means problems with customers receiving your emails. This is actually something I've seen happen. Paid email hosting services have better mail filters and better deliverability.

It uses your website resources
Email can use a lot of disk space which takes away from resources that your website could be using. When you run out of disk space all your emails will get bounced back to the sender.

Migrating email is a pain
If you want to move on from a bad web host, migrating your email can be a pain.
When your email is hosted with a hosted service like Google Apps, it’s not tied to your web host. That way if you do switch web hosts, you don’t need to switch or move anything.

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