Taking Control of Your Website & Domain

In order to have success online and in your business, you need full control of your website and digital assets.

Unfortunately it's somewhat common to see business owners give away control when it comes to these things because creating or managing a web site is an overwhelming process.

It’s intimidating, complicated and time-consuming. As a result, many give up control and ownership of their site.

The Taking Control Guide was created to help that.

This guide covers important essentials and resources to help you create a successful website, whether you are creating a site yourself or whether you’re hiring a custom web designer.

What You'll Learn

Part 1

Buying & Registering a Domain Name

Tips for buying and registering a domain name for your website, and key tips for avoiding disaster down the road.

Part 2

DNS Settings Explained

DNS settings, domains and why you should keep your web hosting, email and DNS separate.

Part 3

The Non-Geeks Guide to WordPress Hosting

A non-geeky guide to help creatives and artisan entrepreneurs choose the best WordPress host for their business.

Part 4

Professional Email for Your Business

Getting a custom email address for your business.

Part 5

Tips for Better Email Deliverability

Are the emails that are sent from your WordPress site getting marked as spam or not delivered at all? Here’s how an SMTP email service can help eliminate that.

Part 6

Choosing a Website Platform

How to choose the best web platform for your business.

Part 7

How To Choose A WordPress Theme

A guide for finding the best WordPress Theme and avoiding the bad ones.

Part 8

What Is An SEO Optimized Site?

What makes a website SEO or search engine friendly? Here's some tips on what to look for.

Part 9

Keeping Your Passwords Secure

Keeping logins, passwords and important business information safe and organized.

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