We’re really excited to share some big news.

While working on our latest web product for the past several months, we began to notice a shift in our brand story that was taking us in another direction.

Say hello to be.mydo.

Where we help artisan entrepreneurs take control of their brand and leverage the power of the web to grow their business.

From Makers Web Supply to be.mydo.

The name Makers Web Supply came from a web product & service I was offering through Hi-Fi Social, my web design business. The name was inspired by the Maker Movement that was starting to grow at that time.

That was almost four years ago. I put the service on hold when I found myself too busy with current projects and unable to take on new clients.

Last year we announced the launch of Makers Collaborative, and along with that new web products and services that we were developing. The product line that I had started with Hi-Fi Social, Makers Web Supply, would now be a part of Makers Collaborative.

Shortly afterwards we began noticing a vast number of products and websites popping up with 'Makers' in the name.

The name ‘Makers’ is much more widely used now than it was when I came up with the name Makers Web Supply four years ago.

And we were starting to feel like the name was too generic, and would be hard to differentiate with all the other 'Makers' names out there.

In addition there was confusion between our parent company, Makers Collaborative, and Makers Web Supply. There were two 'Makers' names, Makers Collaborative (the name of our company) and Makers Web Supply (one of the product lines within that company).

It felt like we were having to spend a lot of time trying to explain the difference between the two, because customers weren’t quite understanding. Which was a problem.

As time went on we kept working on the web product line, but the name continued to nag at us. While we loved the Makers name, it felt like it was too general for what it is we stand for.

We wanted a name that was more memorable and unconventional. One that was more human and approachable. Websites and technology are intimidating for many creatives, and 'Web Supply Services' sounded impersonal and serious. That didn’t feel like us, nor was it the impression we wanted the brand to have.

And just as important, we wanted a name that wouldn’t be confused with another brand.

So we started to toss around ideas, and soon we were in full on brainstorming mode.

As soon as we came up with be.mydo, we knew that was the one. It was short, unexpected and easy to remember. It's also more human sounding, and one that wouldn’t blend into the crowd.

From there, everything else just clicked and started to come together.

Where did be.mydo come from?

Most small businesses spend way too much time working on their website instead of on their businesses.

We want to change that and make it as easy as possible for creatives to leverage the power of the web.

The website process can be overwhelming for many creatives - it’s intimidating, complicated and time-consuming. As a result, many give up control and ownership of their site.

Whether it’s choosing a bad service or software, relying heavily (or solely) on social media, or not having control of their domain or website, it’s something we run into quite often.

Successful artisan businesses who are making their mark are the ones who have full control of their domain. Whether it’s their craft, their business, their field of expertise or their website.

They are Master of Their Domain.

Your business domain is so much more than just a website.

It’s your sales, your customer service, your marketing, your pricing, the customer experience - it’s your entire brand.

In today's world, success online means you need to be master of your domain.


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