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Building Your Brand

We live in a time where there aren’t many unique products that exist. Almost everything has already been done, and no one really needs to buy anything at all. Customers have endless choices when it comes to products and services, and they are bombarded with hundreds of messages about them every day. Any of your competitors can copy your products and services.

The one thing they can’t take from you, however, is your brand.

Today we released our first free Field Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Branding & Launching A Business.

Why we created this free Field Guide

We’ve been working with photographers and creative small business owners to be more successful in their businesses for more than five years now: everything from creating websites and marketing campaigns, to putting together a business plan, laying out their pricing structure and even improving their photography skills.

What we were finding, however, that was no matter what area someone needed help in, the solution kept going back to their brand.

Oftentimes when people seek help in their business, they think what’s missing is a strategy or a design, or even a skill.

In some cases they would be implementing all the right strategies, but were still finding it difficult to get the right clients.

What we realized in so many of these cases was that we couldn’t really help people get where they wanted to be without first helping them with their brand. It was a roadblock that we kept running into.

Your brand is the foundation for everything you do in your business. From the style of images that you shoot to your pricing, your marketing and whether or not you are able to attract the kind of clients who value your work.

Without it, you are just another business that gets lost in the noise of a crowded marketplace, and a pretty website or marketing campaign will be just a pretty design with no personality of its own.

Take control of your brand with our free Field Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Branding & Launching A Business.

Whether you want to learn how to attract more of your target clients, grow your social media following or get your business launched, you’ll want to check out this guide. It’s a pretty in-depth resource, with a lot of solid examples that will help you create a plan for standing out in your market. Even if you don’t have a budget to hire a professional right now.

You can view the Field Guide online, and you can also signup to receive a free downloadable version along with the worksheets to print out.


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