The be.mydo Story

We help artisan entrepreneurs take control of their brand and leverage the power of the web to grow their business.

Where does the name be.mydo come from?

Most small business owners spend way too much time working on their website instead of on their business.

We want to change that and make it as easy as possible for creatives to leverage the power of the web.

The website process can be overwhelming for many creatives - it’s intimidating, complicated and time-consuming. As a result, many give up control and ownership of their site.

Whether it’s choosing a bad service or software, relying heavily (or solely) on social media, or not having control of their domain or website, it’s something we run into quite often.

Successful artisan businesses who are making their mark are the ones who have full control of their domain. Whether it’s their craft, their business, their field of expertise or their website.

They are Master of Their Domain.

Your business domain is so much more than just a website.

It’s your sales, your customer service, your marketing, your pricing, the customer experience - it’s your entire brand.

In today's world, success online means you need to be master of your domain.

We're Nancy & Jen

We're creative entrepreneurs just like you, and we are the founders of be.mydo.

Here is how we started.

Nancy Nardi
Jen Basford
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